Monday, December 28, 2009

Women’s Shoes That Elongate Legs

Having a pair of long legs to show off with short, sexy dresses is every woman’s desire. But alas, not everyone is born with the seemingly never-ending limbs of a supermodel. Let’s not give up, ladies! You do not need to be blessed genetically with long lean legs since the right selection of women’s shoes can get you that much-desired long-legged look.

Here’s how:

Wear heels. Wearing heels give you more height, thus making your leg length seem longer. Do not, however, stumble around in too-high women’s sandals or stilettos for the sake of longer looking legs.

Go for pointed toe women’s shoes. Pointed toe women’s shoes extend the line of the foot, giving your legs a longer appearance. Avoid square-toed women’s shoes or ballet flats as they can make legs look short and chunky.

Opt for open toes or open backs women’s shoes. Slingback women’s shoes or open-toed women’s pumps make legs seem longer because the skin is exposed. In the same manner, strappy women’s shoes in high heels give the same effect. Avoid women’s pumps that are heavy and that completely cover the foot.

Choose beige colored women’s shoes. Women’s shoes in skin color or flesh create a seamless line between your leg and foot, creating a longer leg length appearance.

Go for a one-color scheme. Going monochromatic brings about the illusion of an unbroken line, visually lengthening your leg and makes you seem taller. Your women’s shoes, stockings or tights, and clothing should all be in one color. 

Expose the ankles. Avoid women’s shoes with ankles straps or those that tie around the ankle as they cut the line of the leg and will instantly make your legs look shorter. Similarly, in women’s boots, stay away from ankle boots.

Remember, ladies! The lack of supermodel genes can always be compensated for with the right pair of women’s shoes.

Happy shopping! 

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