Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Wear Boots

Women’s shoes are the best way to accessorize. Wedges, mary janes, flats, and stilettos can easily match any outfit. Boots are attractive-looking and can make any pair of legs look longer. But just like any other women’s shoes, boots need to be paired up with the right outfit to achieve that sexy yet sophisticated look. Here’s how:

Tall boots look great with miniskirts, hot shorts, and mini dresses. Go ahead and show off those summer legs! Knee-high boots go perfectly with skirts that are short to knee-length. This ensemble can also be accessorized with stockings or leggings to add more zest to your wardrobe.

To achieve that cowboy fashionista look, pair up your women’s shoes with skinny jeans. This is also perfect when the weather is cold. Simply tuck your skinny jeans or cigarette jeans inside your knee-high boots and voila! This outfit screams style star with a taste for the outdoors.

MakeMeChic also carries killer biker boots, ankle
booties, and pirate boots. Accessorizing is key here: if your shoes already have a lot of bling, don’t overkill with overly glitzy bangles. Remember, balancing is key!

Avoid wearing baggy or pleated jeans with boots and then tucking the ends inside. This creates a ballooning effect. Steer clear from this fashion style if you feel it does not suit your body type.

Speaking of body type, if you’re trying to look taller, try on a pair of sky-high stilettos to elongate your legs. If you’re already tall, but you still want a flirty look, try on a pair of cute kitten heels. They’re usually under an inch high and look good with both long pants and short skirts.

The key with boots is to try, try, try again. If you think one pair won't work, find another that will! MakeMeChic has all the latest boot styles. Find them HERE.

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