Monday, December 28, 2009

Women’s Shoes That Elongate Legs

Having a pair of long legs to show off with short, sexy dresses is every woman’s desire. But alas, not everyone is born with the seemingly never-ending limbs of a supermodel. Let’s not give up, ladies! You do not need to be blessed genetically with long lean legs since the right selection of women’s shoes can get you that much-desired long-legged look.

Here’s how:

Wear heels. Wearing heels give you more height, thus making your leg length seem longer. Do not, however, stumble around in too-high women’s sandals or stilettos for the sake of longer looking legs.

Go for pointed toe women’s shoes. Pointed toe women’s shoes extend the line of the foot, giving your legs a longer appearance. Avoid square-toed women’s shoes or ballet flats as they can make legs look short and chunky.

Opt for open toes or open backs women’s shoes. Slingback women’s shoes or open-toed women’s pumps make legs seem longer because the skin is exposed. In the same manner, strappy women’s shoes in high heels give the same effect. Avoid women’s pumps that are heavy and that completely cover the foot.

Choose beige colored women’s shoes. Women’s shoes in skin color or flesh create a seamless line between your leg and foot, creating a longer leg length appearance.

Go for a one-color scheme. Going monochromatic brings about the illusion of an unbroken line, visually lengthening your leg and makes you seem taller. Your women’s shoes, stockings or tights, and clothing should all be in one color. 

Expose the ankles. Avoid women’s shoes with ankles straps or those that tie around the ankle as they cut the line of the leg and will instantly make your legs look shorter. Similarly, in women’s boots, stay away from ankle boots.

Remember, ladies! The lack of supermodel genes can always be compensated for with the right pair of women’s shoes.

Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Top Women’s Shoes for the Holidays

Ready to party in style this Yuletide season? Paint the town red with fabulous pairs of women’s shoes. Women’s shoes stores usually have collections dedicated to the holidays as women often purchase trendy women’s shoes now holiday parties. Find out what the hottest trends are in holiday styles women’s shoes:

  • Embellished pumps – pumps with holiday decorations are in this season. Color and embellishments are trademarks of embellished pumps. Fancy women’s shoes can bring out the personality of every woman and let her shine. Holiday colors that are perfect for this type of women’s shoes are red and black.
  • Ankle-strapped pumps – pumps with ankle straps are available the entire year but they especially great during for holiday parties. Rhinestones and crystals on ankle-strapped pumps are the perfect adornments that will make the trendy chic stand out in the crowd.
  • Peep toes –Peep toes are one of those fabulous pairs of women’s shoes that every shoe-lover must own. Not only can they be worn all year round but animal print peep toe pumps are both eye-catching and bold – great for having fun and meeting new people!
  • Square-toed pumps –Square-toed pumps may look plain but these will go with any outfit. Trimmings are a plus but plain ones can be easily matched to fit any outfit.
The holidays call for festivities that require a lot of standing, dancing, and moving. Fabulous women’s shoes are a plus but women should be comfortable too. It just sucks to attend social gatherings and end up sitting in the corner because of painful feet. Just always remember that fashion should always go with comfort.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Celebrity Style One-Shoulder Dresses

While celebrities’ designer garbs and couture women’s shoes are way too expensive for an average-earning fashionista, it doesn’t mean the everyday woman has to be unfashionable.

Get your celebrity-style on as your favorite online shopping partner MakeMeChic brings you sizzling hot one-shoulder dresses. Pair these off nicely with trendy women’s shoes, also from

Blake Lively was seen in a stunning one-shoulder dress. Get her look, along with the perfect pair of women’s shoes.

Fashion icon Rhianna never seems to have a dressed-down moment. She was seen in a black one-shoulder club dress. Get this fab ensemble and rock to club scene, Rhianna style. Pair these off with sexy black women’s shoes.

Fashion designer the Antonia Paris brings a twist to the one-shoulder dress by adding a play of ruffles. Get this sizzling hot look and seem like you have just stepped out of the runway. Top off the outfit with the right pair of women’s shoes.

Look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to Wear the Top Winter Women’s Boots Trends of 2009

In the following months, temperatures will continue to drop. One thing that a woman can do to make it through the cold season is to look smoking hot. Even if one is all bundled up and covered in thick fleece-lined winter coats, it is never a reason to look unfashionable. The perfect way to spice up the outfit is putting on women’s boots that are said to be winter’s top fashion picks.

Over-the-Knee Women’s Boots. Who says short skirts are out of the question? Cover those legs in style with over-the-knee boots, now making big waves in the fashion scene.

Slouchy Boots. Among all the women’s boots, slouchy boots are the most forgiving when it comes to curvier calves.

Embellished Boots. These are boots with rivets, studs, sequins, chains, buckles, and other embellishments. Wear these with jeans for an instant glam-rock look.

Western-Style Boots. You do not have to be from the Wild West to own a pair of cowboy boots. Throw them on over skinny jeans and a cool plaid scarf.

Lace-up Boots. These sexy boots are great for painting the town red. These lace-up women’s boots look great with long-sleeved mini-dresses.

Fur Boots. These boots keep you warm on really chilly nights. Pair these off with just about anything.

Wedge Boots. Wedge boots are just as hot as stiletto boots, but they are easier to walk on. Great with anything – tights, skirts, skinny pants, etc.

Ankle Boots. Ankle boots are best when worn with tights, long leggings, or skinny jeans. Never pair these off with cropped pants or leggings, or risk cutting inches off your height.

Flat Boots. Flat boots are just as fashionable and versatile as high-heeled boots. These can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Versatility of Tall Boots

Women’s shoes are the perfect accessory any women could ever dream of owning. This season, fall boots are the hottest fashion shoes to hit the market. Boots come in ankle, mid-calf, knee-high, and thigh-high boots. Tall boots can be matched with a number of outfits, making it an extremely versatile style of fashion shoes. This fall, you can party in style with fashionable tall boots that come in a variety of styles and designs.

Women’s thigh-high boots can be cuffed, pulled high, be paired up with jeans or leggings. This type of women’s shoes are perfect for casual night outs or partying with girlfriends on a fall Friday night. Not only are they glamorous, they also bring out an air of sophistication with a hint of style and elegance.

Ankle, mid-calf, knee-high, and thigh-high boots can be paired with fun tights or stockings for a funky look. Ensembles that look best with tall women’s boots are those matched with skirts and shorts. Tights and stockings with women’s shoes are not only stylish, but they’re a cool way to stay warm during cold weather because of the height and material they are made of. Women’s boots are perfect during the cold season and are often a favorite during the winter.

Tall boots can also be easily repaired to give a better fit. Just take them to an experience cobbler!It is important to keep in mind that women’s boots should fit perfectly around the legs. Fortunately, tall boots can be altered to fit better in your legs for a more chic look.

Monday, August 10, 2009

MMC adds hot 2fer dresses to inventory! recently expanded their online store to include nearly 50 different styles of chic and adorable 2Fer dresses at affordable prices. Just in time for back-to-school shopping!

2Fer dresses are very popular with celebrities like Disney TV star Selena Gomez and country music beauty Taylor Swift. 2Fer dresses lends lady-like sophistication with an edge through its colorblock design and highwaisted skirt shape. Flattering on all bodies, a 2Fer dress with a pencil skirt bottom can looks polished for an office, but can still be accessorized for a glamorous night out on the town. You can easily transition from daytime to nighttime with high-shine accessories and a sexy pair of women's stiletto shoes. Revamp your back-to-school wardrobe or liven up your drab work clothes with's budget-friendly 2Fer dresses! is also offering free ground shipping for all domestic orders of women's shoes and apparel over $50 and above. Just enter coupon code "SHIP50" upon checkout. In addition, sign up with the's mailing list to receive monthly updates and coupons on women's shoes, apparel, and assorted accessories.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Razor platforms now part of MakeMeChic's women's fashion shoes collection!

If you’re familiar with Nicholas Kirkwood, then you know about the British designer’s sky-high women’s fashion shoes in sumptuous suedes, daring razor-cut platforms, and unique shapes. Touted as the next Christian Louboutin, Kirkwood’s shoes feature his signature fanned-out sides and architectural platform. You probably also know about the hefty price tag for a pair of his much sought after sculpted platform pumps, selling for nearly $900 at high-end boutiques.

If you want to be on the cutting-edge of women’s shoes fashion but can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of Kirkwood heels, MakeMeChic has the answer for you. MakeMeChic’s women’s fashion shoes collection includes great alternatives that look like Kirkwood’s famous platform shoes for a fraction of the price. Our affordable sculpted platforms are of great quality and appearance. We guarantee you’ll turn heads when you go out in our gladiator pumps with a sculpted platform or our inky black, knee-high boots with a razor platform, both available in a variety of colors and materials. Our styles include thigh high, knee high, zipper, belted, and croco and snake embossed.

The prices in the image are only valid until 8/4/09, so hurry!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to Wear Boots

Women’s shoes are the best way to accessorize. Wedges, mary janes, flats, and stilettos can easily match any outfit. Boots are attractive-looking and can make any pair of legs look longer. But just like any other women’s shoes, boots need to be paired up with the right outfit to achieve that sexy yet sophisticated look. Here’s how:

Tall boots look great with miniskirts, hot shorts, and mini dresses. Go ahead and show off those summer legs! Knee-high boots go perfectly with skirts that are short to knee-length. This ensemble can also be accessorized with stockings or leggings to add more zest to your wardrobe.

To achieve that cowboy fashionista look, pair up your women’s shoes with skinny jeans. This is also perfect when the weather is cold. Simply tuck your skinny jeans or cigarette jeans inside your knee-high boots and voila! This outfit screams style star with a taste for the outdoors.

MakeMeChic also carries killer biker boots, ankle
booties, and pirate boots. Accessorizing is key here: if your shoes already have a lot of bling, don’t overkill with overly glitzy bangles. Remember, balancing is key!

Avoid wearing baggy or pleated jeans with boots and then tucking the ends inside. This creates a ballooning effect. Steer clear from this fashion style if you feel it does not suit your body type.

Speaking of body type, if you’re trying to look taller, try on a pair of sky-high stilettos to elongate your legs. If you’re already tall, but you still want a flirty look, try on a pair of cute kitten heels. They’re usually under an inch high and look good with both long pants and short skirts.

The key with boots is to try, try, try again. If you think one pair won't work, find another that will! MakeMeChic has all the latest boot styles. Find them HERE.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Zebra Fashion

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sex and the City Shoes~!!!

Totally fierce! Totally stylish! Totally Fabulous! Totally Must Have! Carrie Bradshaw rocked out these Christian Dior Extreme Cutout Sandals in the recent Sex and the City Movie, making them the MOST WANTED Gladiator sandals to date. ET Online reported that Sarah Jessica Parker went through almost 81 wardrobe changes for the movie and wore the Dior shoes a stunning 5% of the film. This makes these pumps a Must Have at the top of our list. Everyone is so in love with this peep toe Dior Extreme gladiator platform sandals that they are sold out everywhere!

Luckily, for you fashionistas, we have stocked this line just for you at They wear just like the Dior Extreme shoe, with many alternate embossing and colors, but best of all, they come with a bargain price!! Make your extreme look come together today!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Oxfords with a Seductive Twist!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Crochet Boots!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Gladiator Madness!!

Cool down in any pair of radiant Summer flat sandals as you strut down to the beach with all your friends ready to take on the waves! Easy on and off with playful colors to really get people’s attention!

Exotic Bangle Mania

Exotic Bangle Mania! The sun is coming back out and it’s
time to show off your Summer glow! Mix and match an array of bangles to make up
your own style! The more the BETTER!

Thursday, March 27, 2008 Bares its Boldest Collection of Women’s Shoes to Date

Women and their shoes have always been inseparable. Luckily, there are online stores like that can satisfy a woman's endless craving for the latest and trendiest women's shoes. Get the hottest picks of women's shoes for this spring season only at

City of Industry, CA (Press Release) March 27, 2008 -- After wearing those thick and heavy coats and fleece-lined boots, now is the perfect time for those feet to feel the fresh air of spring time. Spring time has finally arrived and with it comes a whole new fashion adventure, especially when it comes to women's shoes. It is the season to flaunt those finely manicured feet and rose-colored soles with the best and latest styles of women's shoes.

With springtime in now full swing, is launching its whole new line-up of women's shoes that suits the season oh so perfectly and not to mention, dresses the feet flawlessly. With's new styles and designs of women's shoes, a woman's feet have never felt this sexy and ultra comfortable at the same time.

Creating quite a stir is the company's newly arrived line of sandals - from gladiators, thongs, and bejeweled styles. As the season's trend in women's shoes also calls for platforms and wedges, more and more styles have been added to the chic collection of With more of the latest designs of women's shoes added week after week, ladies are sure to have the top picks for the entire spring season. is a company best known for its online prowess. This online giant is considered as a woman's best online shopping partner in getting the hippest and hottest trends in women's shoes. Known for its keen eye for what is the hottest in women's shoes, this company constantly keeps itself fully stocked with the latest designs, all in various colors, and only sells the best made women's shoes.

Be the first to know the newest arrivals of women's shoes. Simply sign up to be in their newsletter and be informed of the latest arrivals, promotions, and trends in women's shoes.

About is every woman's partner when it comes to fashionable finds. Based in the City of Industry, CA, is an online store that specializes in trendy women's shoes and apparel. With over 50 latest styles of women's shoes and apparel arriving weekly, a woman will never be out of style.

Thursday, February 21, 2008 Makes Feet Sexy with Their Newest Designs of Women’s Shoes realizes women’s need to have more and more shoes. Now, there are more designs of women’s shoes to choose from, all of which geared towards springtime’s favorite and hottest picks!

City of Industry, CA (Press Release) February 21, 2008 -- Men are always left dumbfounded with the deep and intimate connection women have with their shoes. In whichever part of the world, women have been known to have a burning and yearning desire to have as much shoes as the infamously legendary, Imelda Marcos. Thankfully, there are online stores like who understand the needs of women to have shoes that can far outnumber the days of the calendar. is a woman’s online shopping partner in getting the hippest and hottest trends in women’s shoes. In the company’s quest for constantly keeping the ladies abreast of the latest styles in women’s shoes, more and more stylish pairs are continuously added every week. As springtime calls for chunky shoes, wedges, pumps, flats, booties, and t-strap sandals in every color possible, ladies are sure to have a wider assortment of the trendiest women’s shoes to choose from week after week after week.

Making incredible waves this week are the pumps, flats, and wedges. Coming in all styles, colors and sizes, these women’s shoes are indeed creating quite a stir. With pink being the new black in women’s shoes this spring, more pink shoes are added to the hip collection of Selling only products with the best quality and cutting edge designs,’s whole new line-up of women’s shoes will definitely give real value for money.

Check out their newest designs of women’s shoes and see how can flaunt the feet and always make one walk in style.

About is every woman’s partner when it comes to fashionable finds. Based in the City of Industry, CA, is an online store that specializes in trendy women’s shoes and apparel. With over 50 latest styles arriving weekly, a woman will never be out of style.

Thursday, January 17, 2008 Gears Up for the Hottest Women’s Shoes this Spring

Women and shoes are almost synonymous. understands every woman’s need to have the latest and hippest shoes for every season. With 50 new styles added every week, is sure to have the hottest in women’s shoes come springtime!

City of Industry, CA (Press Release) January 17, 2008 -- Gone are the days when designer handbags took the limelight. Spring is the time for women’s shoes to be in the hot seat and be noticed. It is the best time to show your individuality, reveal your personality, and make a statement by letting art be on your feet. Let, your online partner in women’s shoes, guide you to the latest and hottest trends in women’s shoes, this coming Spring.

Women’s shoes have gone chunkier

Give yourself some additional height and dimension and show off those beautiful long legs! Wedges and platforms are still the “in” thing in women’s shoes this season. This will continue to be in vogue for more seasons to come.

Pink is the new black

Celebrate femininity in women’s shoes. Nothing spells woman with pink shoes. Pink is definitely one of the favorites this season. The bolder the color of the shoes is, the better. Expect to see women prancing in hot pink or fuchsia shoes around town.

Colors make a statement in women’s shoes

Metallics and all the colors of the rainbow are this season’s top picks in women’s shoes. Put your basic colored shoes at the back of your closets and let your bold-colored shoes be the statement of your new wardrobe.

Raising the bar with a “T”

T-bars or T-straps in women’s shoes are making huge fashionable waves this season. Opt for rounded or curvier toes as pointed shoes are so last season.

The shoe-boot mix

The combination of vintage men’s wear and women’s high-heels total into an alluring and fashionable pair of women’s shoes, more popularly known as oxford pumps. Go for patent oxfords, metallics, or even croc-skinned styles and you will be in tip-top fashion form.

The Gladiators are back

While flats are still hot this season, try not to settle with just plain, old ballet flats. Make sure to rev-up your collection of flat women’s shoes with gladiator sandals to bring out the Roman Empress in you.

Fringes, Studs, and Stones

Any embellishments added onto women’s shoes automatically speak of fashion. Whether fringes, studs, stones, rhinestones, bows or feathers, glam up your collection of women’s shoes to add some flair and drama to your ensemble.

This Spring, anything goes for the women’s shoes. Show your personality and define your individuality with the latest fabulous finds in women’s shoes at This one-stop-shop, with women’s shoes and apparel, has unique fashionable finds that cannot be found elsewhere. With over 50 styles arriving weekly, you will definitely be one fashion diva come springtime.

About is every woman’s partner when it comes to fashionable finds. Based in the City of Industry, CA, is an online store that specializes in trendy women’s shoes and apparel. With over 50 latest styles arriving weekly, a woman will never be out of style.

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 15, 2007 -- An online women clothing shop that specializes in women fashion items, recently launches over 480 new styles of women shoes, dresses and other fashion accessories to meet consumers fashion needs for this autumn and winter season. The new products come in a variety of colors, styles and designs at best prices and can be checked out at

“We understand that fashion trends change quickly so we constantly update our stock of women shoes and clothing to ensure that our customers have the most updated styles to choose from. All the women shoes and dress we carry are made of high quality materials and priced very affordably,” says James, Marketing Director of

Among the new items are trendy flat boots, knee high stiletto heel boots, copper leopard print pumps, pointy toe boots, and V-neck jeweled pendant cocktail evening dress at affordable prices that start at $16.00 per pair. There is also a large variety of fashion dresses, tops, shirts, bottoms, skirts and costumes of all shapes and styles can be checked at the new arrival shelf at
makemechic new arrivals section.

MakeMeChic cites that the foundation of autumn winter 2007/8 key trends are based on glamour, shine, embellishment and bold bright colors. The 480-plus new styles of women shoes and clothing provided for this season are all well selected according to this year’s fashion elements. Moreover, MakeMeChic sells only brand new, first quality merchandise purchased directly from manufacturers to guarantee high quality.

For women shoes and other fashion items that you need to update your wardrobe, please visit the one-stop online women clothing shop

About MakeMeChic. is an online women clothing shop that offers a large collection of fashion shoes, clothing and accessories. Based in City of Industry, California, MakeMeChic specializes in women fashion items including dress, shirts, pants, handbags, shoes, lingerie, costume, pantie hose and more. Over 50 new styles are updated to the stock weekly. The goal of is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and dress you up with the latest styles.

Monday, November 5, 2007

One-stop Women’s Clothing Shop that offers women’s clothing, fashion handbags, shoes, lingerie and more.

When it comes to women’s clothing and shoes, an old Chinese proverb comes to mind, “Women dress up for the one who loves her.” Whomever women dress up for, it is true that women’s clothing is in constant demand. It is perhaps the reason why women's dress and shoes encompasses a large variety of styles, materials, and colors. From lace to cotton, pants to dress, pink to black, flat to high heel, the possibility is literally endless. is an online women’s clothing, shoes and accessories mega store. Our large selection of clothing & fashion accessories include women's shoes, dress, pants, shirts, costumes, handbags and lingerie. We understand that fashion trends changes quickly so we constantly update our stock of women’s clothing and shoes to ensure our customers have the most updated styles to choose from. All the women's shoes and dress we carry are made with high quality materials and priced very affordably.